The Truth Behind 'One Fairfax'

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"One Fairfax" is the ‘policy’ that both the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors (BOS) and Fairfax County School Board (FCBS) adopted in 2017 to “guide all of the County’s decisions.” 


But what exactly is "One Fairfax"? No one really knows!  And those who claim to know cannot provide real answers.  


I attended the November 2017 school board meeting at which they adopted this policy. Ever since, I’ve spoken out about One Fairfax, and have even condemned its nefarious creation, misconceptions, and intentional AMBIGUITY that render complete AUTHORITARIAN power to both our BOS and FCSB.


To be sure, this Policy is full of nice-sounding words all strung together with no real discernible meaning. Yet a recent article openly discusses the origins of One Fairfax, as well as its real purpose within our County.


I encourage everyone to read this article themselves, however, I’ve posted below a synopsis for your convenience: 

"Fairfax was one of multiple local governments to pass sweeping changes requiring every policy to be seen through the “lens” of race. The changes were justified by academic research from the University of Southern California (USC) that was tough for any city or county, rich or poor, to pass up: If they enacted certain policies, they were told, the cities’ economies could gain billions of dollars...."


A group tied to USC called the Program for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE) functions to create research — at the behest of funders — that promises billions of dollars in economic growth. Another set of groups introduce the research to individual cities and counties, where it is used to justify a mandate to include “equity” in every government policy. *The language is often vague and comprised of obscure jargon*..."


"Next, the government solicits and follows advice from a third set of groups — often affiliated with the others — who decode the mandate for them, proposing sometimes-radical policies they say are required to implement it.


The network of groups share funders and board members and coordinate closely, *creating studies and memos that largely consist of circular references to others within their ecosystem. Little evidence is presented that the actual policy changes will help achieve the promised billion-dollar economic transformation*.


Instead, during implementation, the financial rhetoric is swapped out with the justification that the policies are a “best practice.” That means other cities that have previously intersected with the network have done it. In turn, once that city implements the prescribed changes, it is cited as a precedent to the next city where the equity groups are active, and the cycle repeats — *even if the desired results never materialize*..."


"The policy required every other county policy to be drafted through the “lens” of racial “equity” in order to do away with differences in wealth and achievement throughout the 1.2 million-person county..."


“There’s no discussion of how you’d attain equal incomes, it’s just saying assume equal income,” an economist with the Independent Institute, Richard Vedder, told the DCNF. “There’s no evidence provided about how to get there."....


"An economist at the University of Rochester, Steven Landsburg, told the DCNF that PERE’s core assertion is “utterly ludicrous” and doesn’t contain enough science to be called “junk science.”


“It is more like junk ‘close-your-eyes-and-wish.’ Worse yet, what they’re wishing for is not just a distant pipe dream; it’s demonstrably impossible,” he said."

So there you have it. Our local government – the BOS and FCSB – want to UPEND Fairfax County and its schools pursuing a goal that is "demonstrably impossible."

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