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An excellent education is the best gift we can give to our children. It lays the foundation on which they can build the rest of their lives. As parents, taxpayers, and community members, it is our common duty to ensure that our public schools provide every child with a rigorous educational opportunity so they can reach and maximize their individual potential.  


We must also acknowledge that parents are the first and foremost educators in a child’s life.  As such, every parent has a right to be informed about what their child is learning in school. It is the responsibility of our schools to effectively and openly communicate with all parents to ensure they are able to not only engage but provide oversight in their child’s education process. Given that over 200 languages are now spoken by the families in Fairfax County, our schools must be extra diligent in their efforts to communicate.


Unfortunately in Fairfax County — as in school districts across our great Nation — our School Board has been more focused on adopting the agendas of various special interest groups and granting these groups access and control over our school policy and curricula. As a result, our schools have strayed from the academic foundations that are critical to the success of our children, and have instead become tools for pushing partisan politics and secondary priorities.   


Examples of this include:

  • Renaming our schools for political reasons

  • Changing school boundaries based on race and socioeconomic factors 

  • Mandating our children use county-issued laptops ​​

  • Paying for programs like “Menstrual Equity” 

  • Placing burdensome administrative tasks on teachers  


Today, many of our school children lack textbooks (both hardcopy and online), and are now expected to learn from accessing various web sites; power-point handouts; group-learning; and/or self-instruction. Parents also struggle to understand and track their child’s assignments. This has forced many families to utilize outside tutors at their own time and expense.  


As an elected school board member, I will work tirelessly to re-focus the attention of this School Board back to the foundational priorities that make academics and instructional integrity the top priority. We must stop wasting our valuable tax dollars and resources on identity politics and non-scholarly agendas. Our goal should be to focus ALL of our resources on providing teachers and students with an educational environment where they can excel and one that delivers the superior scholarly learning that our children need to thrive and compete. 

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