Parental Involvement & Oversight

As a mother of three daughters (ages 26, 22 and 16) — as well as a former teacher and substitute teacher, PTA president, room mom, school volunteer (for over 20 years), religious education teacher, and now a private tutor (for 15 years) — I know the importance of a having parents involved in the education process.   


As an elected member on the Fairfax County School Board, I will work to ensure that all parents have the opportunity to help their child succeed, feel both valued and respected, and be safe. 


Specifically, I will:


  • Champion the rights of parents to know what their children are being taught in all classes and have complete access to both print and online instructional materials in order to review content and be able to assist their students.

  • Investigate and support parental concerns regarding securing their student’s privacy. As technology becomes more embedded in our schools and curricula, maintaining our students’ privacy in all areas (academics, discipline, physical health, and mental health) is a challenge and must be a top priority! 

  • Ensure that parents, teachers, staff, and most importantly students, do not have to surrender their cultural, political, or religious values/beliefs while at school. 

  • Guarantee that parents have the opportunity to view, understand, and opt-out their child from any or all Family Life Education lessons. Virginia law is clear that parents are to play a primary role in teachings about Family Life Education. The statute pertaining to FLE specifically states that “all such instruction shall be designed to promote parental involvement”.

  • Strive to maintain the rights of parents to be promptly notified when their student is alleged to be involved in a disciplinary matter. Students should never be compelled to write or make self-incriminating statements.

  • Endeavor to ensure that all communications with parents by the School Board and school system personnel be respectful and collaborative, including Individual Education Plan (IEP) and 504 meetings.

  • Work to implement programs that allow students and staff to discretely and anonymously report instances of bullying, mistreatment, or abuse whether it be peer-to-peer, staff-to-student, or student-to-staff.

  • Ensure that our schools and curricula prioritize individual academic excellence for all students regardless of ability and program placement.

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